Rishi Sunak Declines to Rule Out May General Election

Credits: Times of India

Rishi Sunak has left the door open to a potential May election, sparking speculation about an early poll. While previously indicating that he expected to go to the country in the latter part of the year, the Prime Minister did not reaffirm this timeline when asked about a possible May vote on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2.

Instead, he focused on the importance of voters’ choices in the election, especially following the Budget announcement. Sunak’s refusal to rule out a May election comes amid concerns within the Conservative Party about potential losses in the upcoming local elections in May, which could weaken their position in a general election.

Some party members, including former cabinet ministers, are advocating for an early election to try to secure more Tory MPs and improve their prospects for 2029.

Rishi Sunak (Credits: The Independent)

There have been suggestions that Sunak is keeping his schedule flexible, with reports of the sudden cancellation of an international summit planned for April. The Chancellor is hoping for a boost in popularity from the Budget, which included significant tax cuts.

Additionally, Labour is facing pressure over its stance on the Gaza conflict, with calls for a ceasefire from within the party. However, recent polls have shown low support for the Tories, raising questions about the timing of an election.

While Minister Greg Hands dismissed the idea of a May election, Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth has confidently predicted it will happen in May, claiming the Conservatives are preparing for this timeline. Former Tory leader Lord Hague has advised Sunak to keep his options open, though he believes a late-year election is more likely.

Sunak’s deadline to dissolve parliament for an early May election is 26th March, and recent polls suggest he could face a significant defeat if an election were held soon.

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