Tory MP Calls for Integration Policy to Promote Embrace of British Values by Migrants

Credits: National Observer

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell has called for a coherent UK integration policy, emphasizing the importance of encouraging immigrants to learn English, become part of UK communities, and embrace British values.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Rosindell highlighted that “immigration is only successful when integration is successful,” echoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s sentiments.

During Commons business questions, Rosindell urged a debate on a new proactive integration strategy, emphasizing the need to encourage immigrants to learn English, integrate into UK communities, and embrace British values.

Tory MP (Credits: Sky News)

He stressed the importance of having a coherent UK integration policy to ensure the successful integration of immigrants into British society.

Responding to Rosindell’s comments, Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt acknowledged the work done by the Home Office in this area. She mentioned previous initiatives by departments such as the Department for Levelling Up to provide language classes and other forms of support.

Mordaunt also indicated that the Home Office is considering whether a more robust and proactive stance towards citizenship is needed, suggesting a focus on those who have leave to remain in the UK but are not yet citizens.

The discussion highlights the ongoing debate in the UK about immigration and integration policies. Many believe that successful integration is essential for the overall success of immigration policies and that immigrants should be supported in learning English, becoming part of UK communities, and embracing British values.