Protesters Interrupt FMQs Nine Times During Heated NHS Debate

Credits: The Scotsman

Protesters disrupted the weekly questions session, shouting slogans such as “food is a human right, hunger is a political choice” and calling for the Scottish Government to fund community food hubs.

Humza Yousaf, responding to the protesters, suggested that Westminster was responsible for food poverty, stating that the demonstration was directed at “the wrong parliament.”

This marked the first time in months that Holyrood had been subject to such protests, adding a charged atmosphere to the session. The disruptions led the presiding officer to halt proceedings on several occasions due to the behavior of some MSPs.

NHS Debate Forum (Credits: Daily Record)

During the session, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross criticized the government’s handling of healthcare, highlighting that January 2023 was the worst month on record for long waits at A&E departments in Scotland.

He pointed out that nearly 9,000 patients had to wait over half a day for emergency treatment, citing an example of a woman who spent seven hours in a waiting room at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, resorting to lying on the floor due to her pain.

In response, the First Minister acknowledged the challenges faced by patients and apologized to those who had experienced longer waits than expected.

He emphasized the Scottish Government’s commitment to the NHS, stating that a record-setting £19.5 billion is being allocated to support healthcare services.

The disruptions and heated exchanges during FMQs underscored the pressing issues facing Scotland, including food poverty and healthcare challenges.

The protest highlighted the ongoing debate over responsibility for addressing these issues, with differing views on whether the Scottish or UK government should take the lead.

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