Nottingham Sheriff Suspended from Labour Party


Cllr Shuguftah Quddoos has taken a principled stand against Nottingham City Council’s 2024-25 budget, which includes £20m in cuts affecting libraries, community protection officers, care homes, and grants to the voluntary sector.

Despite being a member of the Labour administration, Cllr Quddoos could not support the budget, citing harm to her constituents as her primary concern.

In her statement, Cllr Quddoos expressed her deep reservations about the budget, stating that she could not, in good conscience, vote for it.

She acknowledged that difficult decisions come with a price and that she was aware of the risks of her actions. Despite this, she followed her decision, emphasizing that she had made it with her eyes open.

Nottingham Sheriff (Credits: Hucknall Dispatch)

Cllr Quddoos will continue to serve as the Sheriff of Nottingham until her term ends in May, but she will now sit as an independent councilor.

Her refusal to back the budget cuts has put her at odds with the Labour administration, which approved the budget “under duress,” according to a statement.

The administration claimed it had no other option due to pressure from a government-appointed improvement board, which directed the council to make all possible savings to address a projected £60m budget gap for the upcoming year.

Cllr Quddoos’s stance highlights local authorities’ challenges in balancing budgets while protecting essential services. Her decision to prioritize the interests of her constituents over party loyalty demonstrates a commitment to representing the people she serves, even in the face of difficult decisions.

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