Concrete Collapse at Multi-Million Pound School Raises Safety Concerns

Credits: Reuters

An engineering survey has been conducted at the Jedburgh Grammar Campus, the newest school in the Borders, following an incident where concrete fell from a ceiling over the weekend. The campus, completed just four years ago in 2020 at a cost of £32 million, has garnered several architectural awards for its design.

The incident occurred in the fitness suite of the campus, prompting the closure of the area to pupils and staff. Structural engineers were brought in to investigate the cause of the concrete falling. The surveys took place on Monday and Tuesday, with the area remaining closed off during this time.

By Wednesday, all surveys were completed, and it was determined that there was no further risk of concrete collapse. As a result, the fitness suite has been reopened for use. The swift response to the incident and the thorough investigations carried out have ensured the safety of the school community.

Crumbling Concrete (Credits: Wikipedia)

The Jedburgh Grammar Campus has been recognized for its innovative design, which departs from the traditional school layout. It has won several architectural awards and was even shortlisted for the 2022 RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award. Despite this incident, the campus continues to be celebrated for its architectural achievement.

The incident at the campus highlights the importance of regular maintenance and inspections of buildings to ensure the safety of those using them. It also underscores the need for quick and effective responses to incidents to mitigate any potential risks.

Scottish Borders Council, which oversees the campus, has confirmed that the necessary steps have been taken to address the issue, and they are working to ensure the continued safety of the school’s facilities.

The reopening of the fitness suite is a testament to the thoroughness of the surveys conducted and the commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety at the campus.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety in school buildings and the need for regular inspections and maintenance to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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