Man Who Smuggled Drugs to Peterborough Prisoner Through Hug Sentenced to Jail

Credits: Slee Blackwell

Matthew Tolcher, aged 34, from Stamford, Lincolnshire, has been sentenced to one year and ten months in jail for conveying prohibited drugs into HMP Peterborough.

The incident occurred during a visit to the prison in March 2022, where Tolcher handed crack cocaine and buprenorphine tablets to an inmate.

Tolcher attempted to conceal the handover by holding a prolonged handshake and hug with the inmate. However, vigilant prison staff spotted the exchange and promptly confiscated the drugs. Tolcher was charged with conveying a ‘List A’ prohibited article into the prison.

At Cambridge Crown Court on Tuesday, Tolcher received his sentence, highlighting the seriousness of such offenses and the consequences individuals face for attempting to smuggle drugs into correctional facilities.

Peterborough Prisoner (Credits:

Detective Constable Chris Enright commended the prison staff for their vigilant observation, stating, “This was a great spot by eagle-eyed prison staff, and I hope it shows how seriously we take these offenses.”

He emphasized that Tolcher’s actions had resulted in him being incarcerated himself, underscoring the severity of attempting to introduce prohibited items into a prison environment.

The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to prevent illegal activities within correctional facilities and the dedication of law enforcement and prison staff to maintaining security and safety.

By swiftly identifying and addressing such incidents, authorities aim to uphold the integrity of the prison system and ensure the well-being of staff and inmates.

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