Aristocrat Claims in Manslaughter Trial She Only Showed Love to Her Baby

Missing Aristocrat and Baby (Credits: The Times)

Constance Marten, a British aristocrat, and her partner Mark Gordon are facing charges related to the death of their newborn daughter, Victoria, last year. Marten, who comes from a family close to the British royal family, denied harming her baby and insisted that she only showed her love.

The couple allegedly caused Victoria’s death while on the run from the police in the cold winter months of early 2023. Prosecutors claim that by living off the grid, Marten and Gordon made it difficult for authorities to find them.

They were reportedly trying to keep their child after losing custody of their other four children. Marten expressed her shock and grief over Victoria’s death, stating that she had done her best to care for her.

Missing Aristocrat and Baby (Credits: The Times)

She described feeling guilty because Victoria was in her arms when she died and said that it was not something she would easily move on from. Police found the couple on February 27, 2023, and Victoria’s body was discovered days later in a shed in southeast England.

While the exact cause of death is unknown, it is speculated that Victoria may have died due to cold temperatures or co-sleeping. Marten told police that her baby died while she was asleep in a tent, holding Victoria under her jacket.

Marten and Gordon deny charges of manslaughter by gross negligence, concealing the birth of their child, and perverting the course of justice. The trial is ongoing, and jurors are yet to reach a verdict.

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