Lauren Chen: Harry and Meghan are ‘Targeting British Taxpayers’ with Security Demand

Credits: Daily Express

Lauren Chen has criticized The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for demanding funded security when they visit the UK.

She argued that since stepping back as senior working royals to become financially independent, they should be responsible for their security costs, like other celebrities.

Chen highlighted that during a legal battle, Prince Harry contested the decision that downgraded his security status when he stopped being a working royal in 2020. He argued that he still faced security threats and should receive protection. However, he ultimately did not win the case.

Harry and Meghan (Credits: Sky News Australia)

Chen emphasized that the palace provides security for Prince Harry or Meghan Markle’s visits to family or participation in royal events.

However, she questioned whether the British taxpayer should be liable for their security when they engage in activities like promotional tours for documentaries or other personal endeavors.

She criticized Prince Harry for portraying the issue as a battle against the Crown and the British establishment, suggesting that it is more about his responsibility to cover his own security costs.

Chen stated that, since leaving their royal duties, Harry and Meghan are essentially celebrities and should be treated as such in terms of security arrangements.

Chen acknowledged that being in the limelight comes with its challenges, but she argued that as public figures, Prince Harry and Meghan should bear the costs of their security arrangements, similar to other celebrities.

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