Report Warns Generative AI Could ‘Supercharge’ Climate Disinformation

Credits: CleanTechnica

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a potential tool to “supercharge” climate disinformation, according to a report published by the Climate Action Against Disinformation coalition (CAAD).

The coalition, which includes groups like Friends of the Earth, InfluenceMap, and the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, highlighted the risks posed by AI in the context of the climate crisis.

The report warns that generative AI could escalate disinformation online, including climate-related deepfakes, particularly during election years when environmental policies are at the forefront of campaigns.

Generative AI (Credits: The National)

The researchers cited the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos, which identified AI-generated misinformation and disinformation as a major threat, second only to climate change itself.

The use of AI in spreading misinformation could have significant implications for climate action, especially in the current policy landscape, which lacks robust regulation in the US and Europe. The researchers noted that existing policies rely on voluntary commitments and lack transparency in addressing AI-related risks.

One of the key concerns highlighted in the report is the significant energy and water consumption associated with AI systems. The International Energy Agency estimates that energy use from data centers powering AI will double in the next two years, consuming as much energy as Japan.

This poses a significant challenge for addressing climate change, as AI’s energy consumption continues to grow rapidly. Oliver Hayes, head of policy and campaigns at Global Action Plan, emphasized the urgent need to address misinformation online, particularly in the context of elections where public discourse is crucial.

He stated that AI is exacerbating these issues by making misinformation cheaper and easier to produce and share. CAAD’s recommendations include AI companies publicly reporting on their energy usage and emissions, demonstrating the safety of their products for users and the environment, and introducing rules to investigate and mitigate the climate impacts of AI with penalties for non-compliance.

The coalition is calling on politicians to integrate climate concerns into proposed AI legislation to address these emerging threats effectively.

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