Former London Minister Paul Scully Criticizes Susan Hall’s Selection as Tory Mayoral Candidate

Credits: Bloomberg

Sutton and Cheam MP Mr. Scully reiterated his criticism of the Conservative Party’s choice of Susan Hall as the Tory mayoral candidate, emphasizing the need for the party to demonstrate greater seriousness and respect towards the electorate.

In an article on Conservativehome, he highlighted the importance of starting with a clear job description and considering the skills and experience required to lead a global city like London with a significant budget and population.

He pointed out that the party’s approach to the London mayoral election lacked this seriousness, leading to questions about their commitment to the city.

Former London Minister, Paul Scully (Credits: Evening Standard)

Mr. Scully emphasized that respect is a two-way street, suggesting that the electorate will treat the party seriously if it demonstrates a greater degree of seriousness itself. He criticized the party’s failure to address concerns about the mayoral candidate selection process, which has led to negative headlines and perceptions.

Regarding the upcoming election, Mr. Scully noted that the voting system for the mayoralty is changing to first-past-the-post, which could make the election closer than polls suggest.

He highlighted the importance of London MPs in the general election, noting that several are standing down, potentially leaving Greg Hands as the only Tory MP in central London.

Professor Tony Travers from the London School of Economics has suggested that the Conservative Party nationally appears to have given up on London, focusing instead on targeting voters in former “Red Wall” seats in the North and Midlands.

Mr. Scully also explained his decision to step down as an MP, stating that it was not based on his prospects in Sutton and Cheam but rather on his desire to focus on public service and getting things done. He emphasized that politics should be about public service, not personal survival.

In recent times, Mr. Scully has been vocal on issues such as Lee Anderson’s comments about “Islamists” and perceptions of “no-go areas” in Tower Hamlets and Birmingham. He has apologized for any offense caused by his remarks and remains committed to serving his constituents.

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