Officers Involved in Emma Caldwell Murder Case Willing to Cooperate with Public Inquiry, Says Police Scotland

Credits: The Scotsman

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents has stated that officers involved in the investigation into the murder of Emma Caldwell are willing to work with the public inquiry into the failings around the case.

The inquiry was announced by justice secretary Angela Constance following the conviction of Iain Packer, who was found guilty of Miss Caldwell’s murder and a series of other crimes against women.

Miss Caldwell, 27, disappeared from Glasgow on April 4, 2005, and her body was found in Limefield Woods, South Lanarkshire, on May 8 that year. Packer, 51, was interviewed by police a month after Miss Caldwell’s body was found but only went on trial this year. He has indicated that he will appeal against his convictions and sentence.

Police Scotland Chief (Credits: The Independent)

Police Scotland has apologized to Miss Caldwell’s family and his other victims, acknowledging that they were “let down.” Miss Caldwell’s mother, Margaret Caldwell, campaigned for justice for nearly 20 years for her daughter, who had turned to sex work to fund a heroin addiction.

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents emphasized that the inquiry should focus on all the authorities involved, not just the police.

They stated that police officers are subject to extensive scrutiny, with decisions being examined for years with the benefit of hindsight. The association expressed willingness to cooperate with the inquiry to provide the necessary answers.

The inquiry is expected to focus on learning lessons for all involved in the criminal justice system and to acknowledge the progress made and the best practices now established. The association also pledged to support its members, both current and retired, through the inquiry process.

Angela Constance confirmed that a statutory public inquiry will take place, with consideration being given to appointing a judge from outside Scotland to oversee the process.

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