Latest Polling: Conservatives at 20%, Labour at 47% (6-7 March 2024)


The most recent YouGov/Times voting intention poll, conducted before the results of the Rochdale by-election were known, indicates that the Conservative Party remains at 20%, unchanged from the previous poll conducted on 28-29 February. In contrast, the Labour Party has seen a slight increase, rising to 47% (+1).

The poll also shows that the Liberal Democrats have experienced a small increase in support, reaching 9% (+2), while the Green Party remains stable at 7%. However, Reform UK has seen a slight decrease, falling to 13% (-1).

Opinion Polls (Credits: Wikipedia)

One of the most notable findings from the poll is the level of voter retention within the Conservative Party. The poll suggests that the Tories are only retaining 35% of their previous voters. Meanwhile, 14% of former Conservative voters are now supporting Labour, and 18% are undecided.

These results suggest a degree of volatility within the Conservative voter base, with a significant portion of previous Conservative supporters either switching to Labour or undecided. This could indicate potential challenges for the Conservative Party in maintaining its support base in the future.

The poll was conducted prior to the results of the Rochdale by-election, so it is important to note that these figures may not reflect any shifts in voter sentiment that may have occurred as a result of that election.

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