Judge Condemns Drill Music Following Fatal Stabbing of 14-Year-Old in Gang Feud

Credits: Evening Standard

A judge has strongly criticized drill music as a “pernicious genre” after it was found to have played a role in escalating violence between two gangs, resulting in the fatal stabbing of a 14-year-old boy in Newcastle.

Gordon Gault was stabbed on the arm with a machete while riding on the back of a friend’s e-bike in Newcastle’s West End in November 2022. He tragically passed away six days later in the hospital.

The incident occurred during a confrontation between two rival gangs from Benwell and Elswick. Six teenagers were brought to trial at Newcastle Crown Court, where they were cleared of murder.

However, Carlos Neto, 18, of Salford, Greater Manchester, and Lawson Natty, 18, of Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, were convicted of manslaughter.

Drill Music Team (Credits: The Times)

During the trial, it was revealed that Neto had stabbed Gordon in a surprise attack while Natty had supplied him with the machete that he had purchased online. The pair were also found guilty of unlawfully wounding another victim, who was slashed in the back by Neto.

Mr. Justice Martin Spencer, who presided over the case, condemned drill music for glorifying violence. He stated, “This is a pernicious genre of music in that it tends to glorify violence.”

He said that Neto was inspired by the lifestyle depicted in drill music, including the fame, money, cars, and watches associated with rappers.

However, the judge emphasized that Neto was gravely mistaken in believing such actions would lead to success. He stressed that Neto still had a future ahead of him, unlike Gordon, whose life was cut short.

Gordon’s mother delivered a victim impact statement to the court, urging people not to carry knives and expressing the unimaginable devastation caused by such actions. Gordon’s grandmother, Frances Gault, spoke of her devastation at Neto’s offensive remarks and lack of remorse after the killing.

The judge also acknowledged Northumbria Police’s efforts in investigating the case despite facing a lack of cooperation from those involved.

Natty, a church-goer who had prayed for Gordon and his family, was said to be remorseful for his actions. He was noted for his intelligence and had previously won a place at university, which he has since lost due to his conviction.

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