The Duchess of Edinburgh’s Insights on How Prince Edward Resembles Prince Philip

Credits: Britannica

The Duchess of Edinburgh recently delivered a touching speech to mark the 60th birthday of her husband, Prince Edward. In her speech, she made a heartfelt comparison between Prince Edward and his late father, Prince Philip, highlighting their shared humility and dedication to their royal duties.

Sophie began by revealing that Prince Edward would be “horrified” by her speaking so openly about him, drawing a humorous parallel to Prince Philip’s reaction to speeches made about him.

She recounted feeling nervous when speaking publicly about Prince Philip in his presence, likening the experience to “launching myself out of an airplane without a parachute.”

Prince Edward (Credits: Britannica)

The Duchess also reflected on Prince Philip’s humility, noting that he never sought compliments and believed that the organizations he supported were more important than himself.

She remarked that Prince Edward shares this trait, as he “never seeks compliments for himself” and is always surprised when acknowledgment comes his way.

Sophie went on to praise Prince Edward’s dedication to his royal work, likening it to an iceberg where only a small portion is visible above the waterline.

She highlighted his efforts in ensuring good governance for his patronages, encouraging support for worthwhile causes, and his involvement in various committees and meetings, all of which largely go unseen by the public.

As Prince Edward approaches his 60th birthday on March 10th, 2024, the Duchess’s speech serves as a touching tribute to his character, highlighting his humility, dedication, and commitment to serving others.

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