After Contentious Meeting, Santa Ana Council Votes to Approve Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

Credits: Daily Express

Tension flared during a Santa Ana council meeting on Wednesday as officials approved a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The vote, which passed 4 to 1, sparked clashes between supporters and opponents of the resolution as they left the meeting.

Mayor Valerie Amezcua urged the crowd to remain calm and respectful, emphasizing that such behavior was not representative of Santa Ana’s usual conduct. She instructed the police department to ensure everyone’s safety and warned that any physical altercations would result in arrests.

Despite Mayor Amezcua’s efforts, verbal confrontations erupted between supporters and detractors of the resolution. Even within the council, tensions were high, with Mayor Amezcua and council member Jessie Lopez engaging in a heated exchange after the vote.

Santa Ana Council Members (Credits: The Times of Israel)

During public comments, residents expressed varying opinions on the resolution. Rabbi Gersh Zylberman argued against it, stating that municipal council resolutions could not achieve a ceasefire and urging for a diplomatic solution between the involved parties.

Conversely, supporter Sam N. passionately advocated for the ceasefire, emphasizing the need for humanitarian aid and peace in the region.

The final resolution was amended to include language calling for a permanent bilateral ceasefire, recognition of Israel’s security and right to exist, the release of hostages held by Hamas, and humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza. The city pledged to identify and support local programs combating Islamophobia and antisemitism.

Notably, councilmembers David Penaloza and Phil Bacerra abstained from the ceasefire discussion and left the meeting.

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