Georgia House Democratic Leader James Beverly Announces Decision Not to Run for Reelection in 2024

Credits: Georgia Recorder

House Minority Leader James Beverly of Macon announced his decision to step down in a Thursday interview with The Associated Press. He cited the redrawing of his district, which introduced new territory, and the slim chances of Democrats winning a majority in the upcoming legislative election as reasons for his decision.

Beverly, 55, is an optometrist with business and public affairs graduate degrees. He expressed a desire to focus more on his business, anti-poverty, and affordable housing efforts in Macon, stating that he wants to “get back to what you came up here for — and that is really trying to do what’s right by the community.”

While Beverly did not rule out running for office again in the future, he indicated that it would likely not be as a House member. He acknowledged the challenges facing Democrats in their bid to win a majority, noting that recent court-ordered redistricting did not significantly benefit the party.

Georgia House Democratic Leader, James Beverly (Credits: The Atlanta Voice)

Beverly became the House Minority Leader in November 2020, succeeding former House Minority Leader Bob Trammell. With Beverly’s departure, both the House and Senate will see new leaders in a span of barely over two years, as Republicans also underwent leadership changes after the election of Burt Jones to the lieutenant governorship in 2022.

Despite stepping down from his leadership position, Beverly expressed a commitment to supporting other Democrats and helping them gain seats, noting that he believed in the effectiveness of Democratic policy positions. He emphasized that achieving a Democratic majority would require hard work but believed it was a probable outcome.

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