Manu Raju of CNN Confronts Republican Who Shouted ‘Lies’ During Biden’s State of the Union Address

Credits: CNN

In a post-State of the Union interview, CNN’s chief congressional correspondent, Manu Raju, approached GOP House member Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI), who had yelled “lies” during President Joe Biden’s address. Raju asked why Van Orden had made the outburst.

Van Orden responded by criticizing Biden’s handling of immigration, arguing that the president should have apologized to the American people for allowing 8 million illegal immigrants into the country and failing to address border security.

Raju pressed Van Orden on the appropriateness of his outburst, questioning whether it was acceptable for a member of the House to yell “lies” during the president’s speech. Van Orden retorted by asking if it was appropriate to tell the truth.

Manu Raju of CNN (Credits: CNN)

Raju later posted the interview, revealing that initially, it was unclear who had made the comment, but sources later confirmed it was Van Orden. Despite initially hesitating to acknowledge his actions, Van Orden eventually admitted to yelling “lies” during the speech.

Continuing his reporting, Raju noted that reactions to Biden’s speech largely fell along party lines, with Democrats praising it and Republicans sharply criticizing it.

However, some left-leaning members expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s stance on Israel, particularly regarding calls for an immediate cease-fire.

Raju also spoke with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, who indicated that Biden’s speech did not alleviate his concerns about the president’s mental acuity.

Erin Burnette commented on Johnson’s reactions during the speech, noting his facial expressions and early standing during Biden’s remarks on NATO.

The exchange provided insight into the varied reactions to Biden’s State of the Union address, highlighting both partisan divides and individual concerns among lawmakers.

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