Key Points from President Biden’s State of the Union Address

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In his highly anticipated State of the Union address, President Joe Biden wasted no time drawing a sharp contrast with his likely 2024 presidential rival, former President Donald Trump. Rather than delivering a policy-heavy speech, Biden leaned into politics, at times raising his voice and rallying Democrats with fiery rhetoric.

Early in his speech, Biden criticized Trump, without mentioning his name, for failing to take seriously the threat from Russian President Vladimir Putin to Ukraine and denounced those who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The atmosphere in the House chamber felt more like a political convention than the traditional address assessing the state of the nation.

Biden (Credits: People)

Here are five key takeaways:

Extensive Focus on Trump: Biden referenced policies or comments from “my predecessor” more than a dozen times, highlighting that the speech was his campaign roadmap for the 2024 rematch with Trump. He emphasized issues that energize his base, such as abortion, gun control, and tax hikes on the wealthy.

Biden also attempted to challenge Republicans, and Trump, on issues like the border and crime, aiming to appeal to independent and suburban voters. He worked to flip the age issue against Trump, highlighting their age difference.

Reproductive Rights: Biden criticized the conservative Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade in 2022 and warned about “another assault on freedom.”

He accused Trump of being responsible for overturning the law and criticized Republicans in Congress for pushing for a national abortion ban. Biden promised to restore Roe v. Wade and highlighted the power of women to mobilize voters.

Economic Policies: Biden argued that the country was in a far worse state under Trump, citing the pandemic’s impact. He highlighted his administration’s accomplishments, such as lowering prescription drug costs and capping insulin costs for seniors on Medicare.

Biden criticized Trump’s tax cuts for benefiting the wealthy and promised to shift cost savings to lower-income individuals.

Border Security: Biden detailed his plan to address the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, acknowledging its impact on public resources.

He blamed Trump for derailing bipartisan border security legislation and challenged him to join efforts to pass the bill. The blame game over border security is expected to be a leading theme in the 2024 campaign.

Mideast Policy: Biden addressed critics of his Middle East policy, particularly regarding Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza. He announced U.S. military efforts to facilitate aid delivery to civilians in Gaza but emphasized that no U.S. boots would be on the ground. Biden stressed the need for a two-state solution and faced pressure to secure an immediate cease-fire.

Biden’s State of the Union address set the stage for a contentious 2024 campaign, highlighting key policy differences between himself and Trump while aiming to energize Democratic voters.

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