Republican National Committee Assumes Leadership Under Trump’s Chosen Team


The Republican National Committee (RNC) has solidified its alignment with former President Donald Trump by appointing his chosen leaders, completing his control over the national party as he nears a potential third consecutive presidential nomination.

Michael Whatley, a North Carolina Republican known for echoing Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, was elected as the party’s new national chairman.

The former president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, was voted co-chair. This move ensures Trump’s firm control over the party’s political and fundraising apparatus, with little internal opposition.

Republican National Committee (Credits: Fox News)

Despite concerns that the RNC might use its funds to pay Trump’s mounting legal bills, the new leadership team has pledged not to do so. Chris LaCivita, a top Trump campaign adviser, will serve as the committee’s chief of staff, overseeing operational changes aimed at aligning the RNC more closely with Trump’s campaign strategies.

The appointment of Lara Trump, who is expected to focus on fundraising and media appearances, underscores the Trump family’s influence within the party.

Her inaugural speech as co-chair emphasized fundraising achievements, highlighting a $100,000 contribution to the party on the day of her appointment.

The leadership change signals a shift towards embracing Trump’s focus on voter fraud and his discredited claims about the 2020 election. While some RNC members remain skeptical about the party’s direction, the new leadership team appears poised to advance Trump’s agenda within the party.

In her farewell speech, outgoing chair Ronna McDaniel emphasized the need for party unity and outreach to independent and swing voters. However, her tenure was marked by increasing criticism from Trump supporters, who blamed her for Republican losses in recent years.

Trump’s takeover of the RNC represents a typical transition for major parties as they shift towards the general election phase of presidential campaigns.

However, concerns linger about the party’s direction under Trump’s continued influence, particularly as he faces legal challenges and uncertain public support.

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