Biden Caught on Hot Mic Urging Netanyahu to Have a ‘Come-To-Jesus’ Moment

Biden On Hot Mic Saying Israel’s Netanyahu Needs ‘Come To Jesus Meeting’

President Joe Biden’s frustrations with Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the Middle East conflict are becoming increasingly evident, with the President expressing his concerns in what he thought was a private conversation. Following his State of the Union address, Biden engaged in a discussion with Senator Michael Bennet on the House chamber floor, unaware that his words were being captured by a nearby camera.

In what he likely intended as a confidential exchange, Biden revealed his intention to have a serious discussion with Netanyahu, likening it to a “come to Jesus” meeting. While the phrase typically denotes a moment of profound realization, its use in this context, particularly given Netanyahu’s Jewish faith, raised eyebrows and drew attention.

Recognizing the potential sensitivity of his remarks, an aide quickly intervened, prompting Biden to move on from the topic. Nevertheless, questions arose when reporters pressed Biden about the comment as he prepared to depart for a campaign trip to Philadelphia aboard Air Force One the following day.

Biden (Credits: PBS)

Initially downplaying the incident, Biden denied making the remark in his official speech, attributing the controversy to media “eavesdropping.” However, when questioned about his conversation with lawmakers after the State of the Union address, he seemed to acknowledge the statement indirectly.

In his address, Biden announced plans to direct the U.S. military to construct a pier in Gaza to facilitate the delivery of aid to Palestinians. While this initiative reflects a commitment to humanitarian assistance, it also underscores Biden’s desire for Netanyahu to play a more active role in addressing the humanitarian crisis.

This aligns with the broader calls from Biden’s administration for a ceasefire and concerted efforts to alleviate the suffering of civilians caught in the conflict.

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