Tearful Ronna McDaniel Passes RNC Reins to Lara Trump and Michael Whatley at Houston ‘Coronation’

Credits: NY1

Michael Whatley, the leader of the North Carolina Republican Party, has been unanimously elected as the new chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

This outcome was largely expected, as Whatley was the only candidate running for the position and had the backing of former President Donald Trump. The election took place on Friday morning following the formal resignation of outgoing chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

In addition to Whatley’s election, Lara Trump, the former first daughter-in-law, was also unanimously voted in as RNC co-chair. Like Whatley, she was the sole candidate for the position.

Lara Trump (Credits: Reuters)

During her farewell speech, McDaniel expressed gratitude for the support she received from her husband, Patrick, throughout her tenure. She endorsed Whatley and Lara Trump as the new chair and co-chair, stating that President Trump deserved to have the changes he wanted in place at the RNC.

McDaniel also pledged to do everything possible to re-elect President Trump in November and called on all Republicans to join her in supporting his candidacy.

The election to replace McDaniel was held in a single morning, a departure from the typically multi-day RNC meetings. Only 38 proxies were present at the conference, with some members suggesting that the outcome was predetermined and that Whatley’s chairmanship was a foregone conclusion.

However, Whatley’s supporters maintain that he had garnered support through diligent efforts and preparation. In her remarks, Lara Trump emphasized the RNC’s commitment to working tirelessly over the next eight months to secure a victory for President Trump. She pledged that every dollar raised by the RNC would be dedicated to the goal of winning the election.

The election of Michael Whatley and Lara Trump as the new leaders of the RNC signal a continued alignment between the committee and the Trump camp as they prepare for the upcoming election in November.

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