Pelosi Criticized for Suggesting Biden Should Have Called Laken Riley’s Alleged Killer ‘Undocumented’ Instead of ‘Illegal’

Credits: NY1

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has faced criticism for her comments regarding President Biden’s use of the term “illegal” to describe the immigration status of Laken Riley’s alleged killer.

During an interview on CNN, Pelosi stated that Biden “should have said undocumented” instead, but she downplayed the significance of the term used, emphasizing the tragedy of Riley’s death.

Pelosi’s remarks sparked backlash on social media, with many condemning her for focusing on language rather than the crime itself. Critics accused Pelosi of misplaced priorities and insensitivity towards the victim and her family.

Pelosi and Biden (Credits: Fox News)

The alleged killer, Jose Ibarra, a Venezuelan immigrant who illegally crossed the southern border, has been charged with Riley’s murder.

Despite the tragedy, Pelosi and others expressed concern over the language used by Joe Biden, with some suggesting that he should have expressed empathy and kindness rather than focusing on the legal status of the suspect.

While Pelosi’s comments were relatively mild compared to those of other Democratic lawmakers, such as Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Joaquin Castro, who strongly criticized Biden’s use of the term “illegal,” they still sparked controversy and debate.

Biden’s use of the term “illegal” has reignited the debate over immigration and the language used to describe immigrants. The House recently passed the Laken Riley Act, which would require the detention of any migrant charged with committing burglary or theft.

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