No Labels Representative: Democrats Will be Crushed by the Donald Trump Train

No Labels official: Democrats will get ‘run over’ by the ‘Donald Trump train’

The chair of the No Labels convention, Mike Rawlings, sternly warned Democrats of the impending threat posed by the “Trump train” in the upcoming 2024 race. Responding to concerns that the group’s involvement might inadvertently pave the way for the return of the 45th president, Rawlings emphasized the urgency of their intervention.

In an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish, he underscored their proactive stance, stating, “We’re gonna get run over by the Donald Trump Train. Okay. We didn’t tie the Democrats to this track. We were the ones that saw this coming and say get off the track. Let’s do this in a different way. Let’s talk about common sense issues. Let’s get common sense leadership. Let’s take accountability in this country.”

Rawlings, the former Mayor of Dallas, pushed back against criticisms aimed at No Labels, a political entity dedicated to fostering support for a third-party presidential ticket.

No Labels Representative: Democrats Will be Crushed by the 'Donald Trump Train'
No Labels Representative: Democrats Will be Crushed by the ‘Donald Trump Train’ (Credits: POLITICO)

He dismissed the notion that their initiative might inadvertently siphon votes away from President Biden, thus aiding Trump’s potential reelection bid. “I’m fascinated with this theoretical fear-mongering that’s going on that somehow what’s going to keep America from leaping into Dante’s nine circles of hell is what No Labels does,” Rawlings remarked.

The decision to officially enter the 2024 race was made during a private meeting held by No Labels, with the endorsement of numerous state delegates.

This move came in response to polling data indicating a considerable openness among voters towards independent and third-party candidates. The timing of this decision coincided with the recent Super Tuesday election results, which hinted at another electoral showdown between Biden and Trump.

Rawlings deflected blame away from No Labels when confronted with accusations of potentially acting as a spoiler in the upcoming election. Instead, he directed criticism towards the Democratic Party’s internal dynamics and strategic choices.

“Somehow this is No Labels’ fault,” Rawlings asserted. “The Democrats, my Democrats, this is my party my whole life, okay have done this to themselves with quixotic, windmill-chasing, with bad, bad talking points, with the candidate that they chose.”

Reports emerged following the private meeting suggesting that Geoff Duncan, the former Republican lieutenant governor of Georgia, could be a prospective candidate on the No Labels ticket. Duncan, known for his vocal criticism of Trump, has been engaging with Republican donors facilitated by No Labels.

In an op-ed for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Duncan expressed concern over the potential electoral matchup between Biden and an emboldened Trump, cautioning against the dire consequences of such a scenario.

As inquiries about these developments mount, No Labels is yet to provide an official statement. Nevertheless, the discussions surrounding potential candidates and the group’s involvement underscore the evolving dynamics of the political landscape leading up to the 2024 presidential race.

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