Vessel Loaded with Assistance for Gaza Set to Depart Cyprus This Weekend

Ship carrying aid for Gaza expected to depart Cyprus this weekend

A vessel laden with humanitarian aid destined for Palestinians in Gaza is poised to set sail from a port in Cyprus on Saturday, extending vital assistance to a region grappling with the aftermath of Israel’s military operations.

Operated by Spain’s Open Arms aid organization, the ship will navigate through a designated sea corridor established by international donors to furnish Gaza with much-needed humanitarian aid amid mounting concerns of famine among its populace.

During his recent State of the Union address on Thursday, President Biden unveiled plans for the U.S. military to oversee the construction of a port along Gaza’s Mediterranean coastline. This port is envisioned to accommodate larger vessels transporting essential provisions such as food and medical supplies.

Vessel Loaded with Assistance for Gaza Set to Depart Cyprus This Weekend
Vessel Loaded with Assistance for Gaza Set to Depart Cyprus This Weekend (Credits: US News)

While the undertaking is projected to span several weeks for planning and execution, U.S. officials have emphasized that it will not entail the deployment of American troops on Gaza soil.

Israel has acknowledged the establishment of the new corridor, albeit with a stipulation that it must adhere to “Israeli standards.”

In a statement shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, Lior Haiat, spokesperson for Israel’s foreign ministry, expressed cautious optimism about the Cypriot initiative, noting, “The Cypriot initiative will allow the increase of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, after a security check according to Israeli standards.”

Tragically, five individuals lost their lives on Friday as a result of a malfunction during an aid airdrop, which inadvertently struck multiple residential properties. The airdrops, facilitated by the U.S., were initially announced the previous Friday, with the inaugural drop successfully delivering 38,000 meals last Saturday.

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