Governor Kelly Reveals Addition of Over $930 Million in Highway Projects to IKE Development Pipeline

Credits: Kansas Reflector

Governor Laura Kelly and Kansas Transportation Secretary Calvin Reed today announced the addition of 17 highway modernization and expansion projects – a total investment of $932 million – to the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program’s (IKE) Development Pipeline.

IKE is the Kelly administration’s bipartisan 10-year, $10 billion transportation program. The announcement clears the way for preliminary engineering work to begin on these projects, which are in every region of the state.

“These highway projects tackle long-standing transportation needs across the state – improving safety, expanding economic development opportunities, and strengthening our communities,” Governor Kelly said.

Governor Kelly (Credits: Governor Laura Kelly)

“My administration is committed to making short- and long-term infrastructure improvements to benefit future generations of Kansans.”

The 2024 Development Pipeline announcement took place in the Kansas Statehouse. Joining Governor Kelly and Secretary Reed to provide remarks were stakeholders representing three of the selected projects: Dr. John Wyrick, Superintendent of Labette County Public Schools, USD 506; Corey Peterson, President, Lindsborg City Council; and Kevin Schoendaler, City of Hoxie Councilmember.

Today’s announcement results from the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) fall 2023 statewide Local Consult listening tour. More than 1,400 Kansans from across the state participated in these public meetings.

Secretary Reed said input from Kansans helped determine what investments were of the highest priority to rural and urban communities. He said the selection process is flexible to meet economic needs and is based on engineering data, local consultation, and geographic distribution.

“The projects being moved into the IKE Development Pipeline represent a mix of local and regional highway improvement priorities as identified by stakeholders and based on data,” said Secretary Calvin Reed.

“We appreciate how the Local Consult process allows KDOT to strengthen local partnerships, to understand better which KDOT programs matter most to communities, and to get feedback on how we can improve delivery.”

More information about IKE Modernization and Expansion projects, including a summary of the most recent Local Consult process and outcomes, can be found at
Governor Laura Kelly and Kansas Transportation Secretary Calvin Reed have unveiled 17 new highway modernization and expansion projects, totaling $932 million, as part of the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE).

Governor Kelly (Credits: KSHB)

IKE, a bipartisan 10-year, $10 billion transportation initiative by the Kelly administration, aims to address transportation needs statewide, enhance safety, foster economic development, and bolster communities.

These projects, spanning every region of Kansas, will kickstart preliminary engineering work, marking a significant step forward in addressing the state’s infrastructure challenges. Governor Kelly emphasized the importance of these investments in improving the state’s infrastructure for future generations.

The announcement at the Kansas Statehouse featured remarks from stakeholders representing various projects, highlighting the collaborative effort involved in selecting and advancing these critical infrastructure initiatives.

The selection process for these projects was informed by input from over 1,400 Kansans who participated in KDOT’s fall 2023 statewide Local Consult listening tour, demonstrating a commitment to engaging with communities to address their specific needs.

Secretary Reed emphasized that these projects reflect local and regional priorities, identified through a thorough process considering engineering data, local feedback, and geographic distribution.

He underscored the flexibility of the selection process to meet economic needs and the importance of ongoing partnerships with local communities.

For more information about the IKE Modernization and Expansion projects, including details on the Local Consult process and outcomes, visit

This announcement marks a significant milestone in Kansas’ efforts to modernize and enhance its transportation infrastructure, ensuring a safer and more efficient transportation system for all residents.

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