Netanyahu Dismisses Biden’s Accusation of Harming Israel as ‘False’

Credits: CNN

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to recent criticism from US President Joe Biden, refuting the notion that his policies are in conflict with the wishes of the Israeli people.

Netanyahu described Biden’s attempts to separate Israeli leadership from its populace as “false,” asserting that his policies align with the overwhelming majority of Israelis.

He emphasized that his approach to Gaza, including the ongoing conflict with Hamas, is widely supported by Israelis who view the IDF’s actions as necessary for Israel’s security.

Netanyahu and Biden (Credits: Asia Times)

Netanyahu highlighted the Israeli public’s stance on key issues, including opposition to the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza due to its perceived support for terrorism.

He also underscored Israeli resistance to unilateral Palestinian statehood. Netanyahu argued that these positions are not merely his own but reflect the broader sentiment among Israelis.

Netanyahu and Biden (Credits: The Times of Israel)

Regarding the situation in Gaza, Netanyahu reiterated the importance of defeating Hamas to prevent future attacks, citing the threat of another October 7th-style assault.

He emphasized that most Israelis recognize the necessity of these measures for Israel’s security and the region’s stability. Netanyahu rejected any suggestion that his policies are at odds with the interests of the Israeli people.

He portrayed a united front among Israelis, emphasizing their understanding of what is best for Israel’s future and their rejection of efforts to impose a Palestinian state or allow the Palestinian Authority to assume control in Gaza.

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