Robert De Niro Declares Firm Stance Against Portraying Donald Trump: ‘The Individual Is a Complete Monstrosity’

Credits: Reddit

Famed for his intricate character portrayals, Robert De Niro has explicitly stated his refusal to undertake a specific role – that of former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the esteemed actor conveyed his strong disapproval of the ex-president, stressing the significance of voting for Joe Biden to avert a potential “nightmare.”

De Niro, known for openly expressing his political opinions, voiced his worries about the possibility of Trump’s re-election, as reported by The Guardian.

In the interview, he underscored the essential choice between Biden and Trump, advocating for a return to a more enjoyable and desirable world under Biden’s leadership.

Robert De Niro (Credits: The Guardian)

The actor’s unease regarding Trump’s character was evident. He expressed a desire to avoid a recurrence of the dismay he felt, along with many others, after the 2016 election. De Niro characterized Trump as a complete monster, highlighting the emotional impact of the election outcome.

Given that Trump is the sole front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination following Nikki Haley’s withdrawal, De Niro’s remarks are pivotal.

Robert De Niro (Credits: The Guardian)

His consistent and vocal criticisms of Trump, including a notable speech at the Gotham Awards condemning Trump’s falsehoods and deceptive presidency, reflect his longstanding stance.

The ongoing feud between De Niro and Trump is exemplified by Trump’s counterattack on Truth Social, where he derided De Niro as “a total loser.” Meanwhile, De Niro has earned a nomination for best supporting actor at the upcoming Academy Awards for his role in “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

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