Schiff Rejects Porter’s Assertion of California Senate Primary Being ‘Rigged’

Credits: ABC News

Representative Adam B. Schiff, the Democratic nominee for an open Senate seat in California, addressed allegations from one of his primary opponents, Representative Katie Porter, suggesting that his primary had been rigged due to wealthy donors’ influence.

Schiff denied the notion of rigging and emphasized that Democrats had quickly rejected the use of such loaded language, drawing a contrast with former President Donald J. Trump’s false claims about the 2020 presidential election.

Katie Porter (Credits: Forbes)

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Schiff highlighted the significance of the term “rigged” and its association with fraud, ballot stuffing, and Trump’s unfounded assertions. He commended Democrats for swiftly disapproving of the language used by Porter, asserting that it was important to differentiate themselves from the false claims made by Trump.

Porter, a progressive primary opponent, had described the primary as being manipulated by billionaires spending millions to favor Schiff. However, her claims faced immediate criticism from fellow Democrats, including Senator Alex Padilla of California, who dismissed them as “ridiculous.”

Katie Porter (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

During the interview, Schiff defended his campaign strategy, particularly the television ads that portrayed the Republican opponent, Steve Garvey, as “too conservative for California.”

The ads, widely seen as an effort to draw more Republican voters to block Democratic rivals in California’s “jungle” primary, contributed to Porter’s failure to advance.

Despite Porter’s criticism of the campaign’s alleged cynicism, Schiff asserted that he targeted his Republican opponent just as his Democratic colleagues did.

The primary in California’s open Senate seat has been marked by internal party dynamics and strategic maneuvers, with Schiff and his allies spending significant amounts on campaign ads to shape the electoral landscape in their favor.

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