Lieberman Warns on Newsmax: Biden Must Take Action on the Border or Face Election Consequences

Credits: The Intercept

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman, the national chairman of the “No Labels” political movement, emphasized on Newsmax Sunday that border security and illegal immigration are significant concerns for the American people.

Lieberman warned that President Joe Biden’s reelection bid could be jeopardized if he fails to address these issues adequately before Election Day.

Lieberman highlighted the executive authority of the president to take action to tighten or close the border, emphasizing that neglecting this issue could severely impact Biden’s reelection prospects.

He acknowledged that while more Americans are affected by inflation than illegal immigration, the latter has become symbolic of government incompetence in upholding the rule of law.

Lieberman (Credits: Fox Business)

Citing cases like the murder of nursing student Laken Riley by an immigrant illegally in the United States, Lieberman stressed the personal impact of such incidents, further fueling public concern over border security.

Regarding Biden’s age and his advertisement portraying it as an asset, Lieberman underscored the importance of consistency and confidence in holding the office of the president.

He acknowledged Biden’s efforts to address the age issue in his State of the Union speech but emphasized that people will continue to scrutinize Biden’s performance throughout the year.

Lieberman (Credits: Fox News)

Lieberman predicted a divisive and partisan campaign between Biden and former President Donald Trump, characterizing it as “nasty” and “divisive.” He also expressed excitement about No Labels offering a third choice to the American people through a bipartisan unity ticket.

Lieberman announced that the organization’s delegates have authorized the process to choose candidates for this ticket, which will be announced within the next two weeks, offering an alternative to voters dissatisfied with the current choices available.