Trump Reverses Statement on Georgia Polls Being Rigged, Citing Current Lead as Reason for Change

Trump (Credits: USA Today)

At a rally in Rome, Georgia, on Saturday, former President Trump seemed to backtrack on his previous claims about rigged polls in the state, now stating that they are not rigged because he is “winning by so much.”

Trump, who is facing legal challenges related to alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia, delivered a speech where he oscillated between criticizing the 2020 results and expressing confidence in his current lead in the polls.

Trump (Credits: Queen City News)

Initially, Trump mentioned his success in Georgia during the 2016 and 2020 elections but asserted that the latter was rigged. However, he later contradicted himself by stating, “of course, lately they haven’t been rigged because I’m winning by so much,” and added humorously, “disregard that statement. I love the polls very much.”

Trump’s current lead in national polls over President Biden was acknowledged during the rally, with figures from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ showing Trump with 46.1 percent support compared to Biden’s 44.6 percent. In Georgia, a key swing state, Trump has a larger lead, with 48.4 percent support against Biden’s 41 percent.

Trump (Credits: Bloomberg)

Despite leading in current polls, Trump continued his criticism of the “radical left” for allegedly rigging the previous election against him.

Looking ahead to the upcoming rematch with Biden in the polls later this year, Trump urged his supporters to ensure a landslide victory that would be “too big to rig.”

Throughout his political career, Trump has consistently claimed that polls and elections are rigged against him, particularly when faced with unfavorable results.

Despite ongoing legal challenges, he has yet to acknowledge the accuracy of the 2020 election results, maintaining that he lost Georgia and the overall election due to fraudulent practices.

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