Woman Suspected of Planning Murder in Wealthy California Town

Violet Evelyn Alberts
Violet Evelyn Alberts (Credits: NBC News)

On the fateful night of May 27, 2022, tragedy struck the tranquil neighborhood of Montecito as intruders violated the serenity of the 96-year-old Violet Evelyn Alberts’ home.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office, responding to the distressing scene on Park Lane, a prestigious street adorned with luxurious residences, confirmed a heinous act. Violet Evelyn Alberts, peacefully slumbering, fell victim to a ruthless assailant, as determined by a coroner’s investigation suggesting she was smothered to death.

Nestled in the scenic hills of Montecito, this affluent enclave lacks its own police force due to its unincorporated status. Consequently, the investigation fell under the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office.

With no known living relatives, Alberts was tragically left vulnerable, her estate estimated to be worth between $4 million and $11 million. Suspicion arose that she was being deceived out of her property, igniting a pursuit for justice.

Woman Suspected of Planning Murder in Wealthy California Town
Woman Suspected of Planning Murder in Wealthy California Town (Credits: Newsbreak)

Alberts’ legal representative voiced concerns about potential exploitation, alleging that a Los Angeles resident, Pauline Lisa Macareno, had promised Alberts a reverse mortgage but instead embarked on a path of deceit.

On August 9, 2022, authorities apprehended Macareno on suspicion of attempting to defraud Alberts of her cherished Montecito home. The charges against Macareno were extensive, including identity theft, forgery, burglary, loan sharking, and exploitation of an elder or dependent person.

Initially, the Sheriff’s Office remained tight-lipped regarding Macareno’s involvement in Alberts’ demise. However, recent developments shed light on a disturbing revelation. In a press conference, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown revealed Macareno, aged 48, as the alleged mastermind behind a sinister conspiracy to seize Alberts’ property.

Brown unveiled a chilling narrative detailing a “murder-for-hire” plot orchestrated by Macareno in collaboration with three individuals: Henry Rostomyan, Ricardo Martin Del Campo, and Harry Basmadjian.

Brown’s statements painted a grim picture of the callous disregard for human life, stating, “In the eyes of Ms. Macareno, Miss Alberts was living too long.” While the nature of their acquaintance remains undisclosed, authorities asserted meticulous planning on the perpetrators’ part, including reconnaissance captured by surveillance cameras.

Macareno faces charges of solicitation of murder, while Rostomyan, Del Campo, and Basmadjian are accused of carrying out the heinous act. Basmadjian’s involvement took an unexpected turn as he suffered a severe medical crisis while in federal custody, rendering him incapacitated with an uncertain prognosis.

Despite exhaustive efforts by law enforcement, the investigation remains ongoing, with authorities urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward. The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office remains committed to pursuing justice for Violet Evelyn Alberts and ensuring accountability for those responsible for this despicable crime. Should you possess any relevant information, please contact investigators at 805-681-4150.

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