‘Liberal Jihad’: Clash Between Lindsey Graham and NBC Host Over Trump Support

Credits: Vanity Fair

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and NBC host Kristen Welker clashed Sunday over Graham’s steadfast support of former President Donald Trump, particularly regarding Trump’s recent meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has faced criticism for his authoritarian tendencies.

During an appearance on “Meet the Press,” Graham defended Trump’s meeting with Orbán and dismissed concerns about Trump potentially emulating Orbán’s governing style in a second term. Welker questioned Graham about Trump’s past comments praising authoritarian leaders and expressing dictatorial aspirations.

Lindsey Graham (Credits: The Washington Post)

Welker referenced Trump’s remarks about wanting a “strong man running our country” and his talk of “retribution” in a second term, to which Graham responded by accusing Biden of “destroying the world” and deflecting criticism away from Trump.

He argued that Trump’s focus on retribution would be seen as success, citing instances where Republicans allegedly tried to keep Trump off the ballot.

The conversation between Graham and Welker grew tense as they debated the implications of Trump’s rhetoric and actions.

Graham asserted that the choice in the upcoming election would be between Biden and Trump, emphasizing his belief that Biden’s policies are harmful to America and the world.

Lindsey Graham (Credits: Newsweek)

Welker raised concerns about Orbán’s rollback of democratic norms in Hungary and his alignment with Trump, but Graham defended Orbán as a member of NATO and highlighted his recent vote to admit Sweden into the alliance.

Graham called for a public debate between Biden and Trump, arguing that the American people “deserved” such a debate. He criticized Biden’s handling of various issues, including border security, and called for a more direct, unscripted exchange between the two candidates.

The discussion highlighted the ongoing divide within the Republican Party regarding Trump’s leadership and his future role in American politics.

Orbán’s praise for Trump and criticism of Biden’s foreign policy decisions were also noted, adding to the complexity of the debate over Trump’s legacy and influence.

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