South Carolina Governor Approves Bill Allowing Open Carry of Guns Without Permit

South Carolina House Member (Credits: Post and Courier)

Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina signed a bill that allowed any adult who legally owned a gun to carry it openly.

The law, which received final legislative approval just a day before being signed, marks a significant victory for gun rights supporters who have been pushing for such legislation for nearly a decade.

The new law allows for open carry without the need for individuals to obtain a permit, a change from previous regulations that required training and a permit for concealed carry.

One of the key components that helped pave the way for this law was a Senate proposal to provide free gun training across the state for those seeking concealed weapons permits.

South Carolina House Member (Credits: Greenville Online)

In addition to allowing open carry, the law also includes stiffer penalties for individuals who repeatedly carry guns in prohibited places, such as schools or courthouses, or commit crimes while armed. The penalties can be enhanced if the offender does not have a concealed weapons permit.

Governor McMaster emphasized the importance of the new law in cracking down on criminals who possess guns illegally and those who use weapons unlawfully. He stated that the law will help keep violent criminals behind bars, ensuring they cannot harm innocent South Carolinians.

South Carolina House Member (Credits: Post and Courier)

While gun rights advocates hailed the new law as a victory for Second Amendment rights, some law enforcement leaders expressed concerns.

They worried about the potential for armed encounters at shooting scenes and the lack of required training for individuals carrying guns in public.

Despite these concerns, supporters of the law argue that responsible gun owners should not be penalized for exercising their Second Amendment rights. They believe that the new law strikes a balance between protecting these rights and ensuring public safety.

South Carolina’s new open carry law represents a significant shift in the state’s gun regulations and is expected to have a lasting impact on gun rights in the region.