Trump’s Illinois Delegates: Some Promote Election Denials, Others Suggest Vaccines Are Ineffective or QR Codes Lead to Government Tracking

Credits: Bayerischer Rundfunk

The 51 Illinois Republican Party delegates running in the upcoming primary who are pledged to support Donald Trump’s nomination for president include a diverse array of candidates, ranging from members of Congress to local officials.

While many share Trump’s views on the 2020 election and the Capitol riot, some have also expressed controversial views on COVID-19 vaccines and other conspiracy theories.

Among the delegates are individuals who have promoted false claims about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, as well as conspiracy theories about 5G technology, wind turbines, and government tracking.

Trump (Credits: Kaiser Health News)

One delegate candidate faced protests after his county Republican Party hosted a gun raffle shortly after a mass shooting. Another candidate has been indicted for forgery in a previous election bid, although the case was later dismissed.

Despite these controversies, the Illinois Republican Party will elect three delegates from each congressional district to attend the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where Trump is expected to be formally nominated for president.

However, some observers warn that the extreme views held by some delegate candidates could harm the party’s efforts to attract suburban voters in Illinois.

Trump (Credits: PAP)

David Yepsen, a former political journalist and director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, expressed concern that the delegate candidates’ alignment with Trump’s beliefs, even those considered extreme, could hinder the party’s ability to rebuild in Illinois.

He cautioned that presenting a “bunch of crazies in red hats” would not appeal to suburban voters and could damage the party’s image in the state.

The delegate candidates largely declined to comment or referred inquiries to a Trump campaign aide. Despite the controversy surrounding some candidates, Trump’s delegate slate is expected to be elected to represent Illinois at the convention.

However, the focus on Trump’s beliefs may overshadow the party’s efforts to broaden its appeal and attract a wider range of voters in Illinois.

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