Hawley Criticizes Wagner for Questioning Cost of Compensating Victims of Radioactive Contamination

Credits: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley and U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner, both Republicans from Missouri, have been at odds over legislation compensating people exposed to radioactive waste, revealing public discord within the state’s GOP delegation.

Hawley has been pushing for legislation to reauthorize the Radioactive Exposure Compensation Act (RECA), extending it to the St. Louis area, which was home to uranium processing during the Manhattan Project era. The bill passed the Senate but faces challenges in the House.

Wagner (Credits: Roll Call)

Wagner expressed concerns about the bill’s cost and lack of a funding stream, stating that Congress should not further raise deficits and debts. Hawley criticized Wagner for her comments, accusing her of turning her back on her constituents and doing nothing on the issue for years.

Hawley also criticized Wagner for her support of U.S. military assistance to Ukraine, a major point of difference between them. He urged the House to pass the RECA extension quickly, emphasizing the need for justice for those affected by the government’s actions.

Hawley (Credits: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Wagner responded to Hawley’s criticism, stating that she has consistently fought for the RECA extension for the last decade and has made efforts to support the St. Louis community.

She pledged to do all she can to see RECA signed into law and indicated she would work to include the Senate version of RECA in a government funding bill.

Hawley welcomed Wagner’s efforts but emphasized the need for no excuses or delays in passing the RECA extension, urging House members, especially those from the St. Louis area, to champion the cause. He reiterated his commitment to pushing for the bill’s passage and ensuring justice for affected individuals.

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