2024 Regular Legislative Session Set to Convene Monday Afternoon

Legislative Session (Credits: The Advocate)

Louisiana lawmakers are gearing up for the commencement of the 2024 Regular Legislative Session at the State Capitol. Scheduled to convene at noon on Monday, March 11, the session will kick off with Governor Landry’s address to lawmakers at 1 p.m.

A significant focus of the session will be on elections in Louisiana, with lawmakers slated to deliberate on a package of proposals aimed at updating voter rolls and enhancing election integrity.

Legislative Session (Credits: Fernando Rosa)

Secretary of State Nancy Landry highlighted the importance of these proposals, which include the creation of a special division of election integrity within her office, among other measures.

In addition to election-related matters, teacher pay is expected to be a key issue on the legislative agenda. Governor Landry has proposed providing a stipend for K-12 public school teachers, although the exact amount has yet to be determined.

Taylor Barras, the governor’s commissioner of administration, clarified that the stipend is not being labeled as a permanent raise for teachers.

Legislative Session (Credits: The Advocate)

Barras emphasized the need to approach teacher pay raises thoughtfully, acknowledging the challenge of embedding them permanently within the state’s education funding formula.

While the goal is to recognize and reward teachers, Barras indicated that the administration intends to keep options open regarding the structure of any future pay raises.

As lawmakers gather to address these and other pressing issues facing the state, the 2024 Regular Legislative Session is expected to be a pivotal period for shaping Louisiana’s policies and priorities.

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