GOP Senator Calls on Biden to Clarify Hamas Position Following State of the Union Remark

Credits: EL PAÍS English

Sen. Lindsey Graham‘s recent remarks regarding President Biden’s approach to Hamas come in the wake of Biden’s State of the Union address. During his address, Biden stated, “If you release the hostages, the war will be over,” a statement that has raised eyebrows, including Graham’s.

Graham expressed concern that Biden’s words could be interpreted as a willingness to allow Hamas to remain in power if hostages were released. This stands in stark contrast to former President Trump’s position, which advocated for the military destruction of Hamas.

Biden (Credits: CNBC)

Graham also criticized Biden for what he perceived as a focus on Israel’s actions rather than addressing Hamas directly or its key supporter, Iran. Graham called on Biden to hold Iran accountable for its actions, including attacks on American soldiers conducted through proxy groups.

In response to Biden’s statement about not setting a “red line” with Israel, Graham stressed the importance of supporting Israel without empowering its enemies.

Biden (Credits: Moneycontrol)

Biden later clarified his position, reaffirming the United States’ commitment to Israel’s defense and dismissing any suggestion of cutting off all weapons to Israel.

These exchanges highlight the ongoing debate within the United States regarding its policy towards Israel and Hamas. They reveal a divergence in opinion among political figures regarding how best to address the complex challenges in the region.

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