I supported Trump in two elections. Liz Cheney’s book and the DOJ’s January 6 indictment persuaded me to reconsider

Trump (Credits: Reuters)

I’ve been a two-time voter for Donald Trump, standing firm as a conservative and registered Republican hailing from Oklahoma. My principles align with those of limited government, free enterprise, and traditional Christian values.

I believe in the importance of personal responsibility and in the government’s role in assisting those unable to help themselves.

In my view, Joe Biden and his cohorts in Washington rank among the top five worst political leaders in our nation’s history. His legacy is marred by egregious mismanagement of the southern border, historic levels of inflation, and reckless spending leading to uncontrollable government debt.

Donald Trump (Credits: Stavanger Aftenblad)

Following the 2020 election, I was disillusioned, choosing to bury my head in the sand as a citizen. I avoided the chaotic discourse surrounding claims of stolen elections and other sensational political rhetoric.

I must admit, however, that I was drawn to specific conspiracy theories alleging ballot stuffing and electoral manipulation. Witnessing the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol left me disheartened but not entirely surprised.

Trump (Credits: NZ Herald)

Despite the gravity of these events, I didn’t deeply contemplate their origins or the individuals responsible. I attributed them to the ongoing trend of irresponsible behavior that has unfortunately become all too common in our country.

The subsequent House Jan. 6 committee investigation only intensified my disillusionment. The continued political bickering, finger-pointing, and discord left me nauseated. I actively avoided engaging with the proceedings, unwilling to subject myself to further distress.

I remain committed to my conservative principles and the Republican Party. I believe in the importance of standing firm in the face of adversity and maintaining a steadfast commitment to the values that I hold dear.

Hi there, I am Elizabeth. I am an enthusiastic social worker and dancer. I recently graduated and have a huge interest in digital marketing and content writing. I love listening to music, and watching series and dramas; especially k-drama and kpop. I enjoy learning new languages as well.