‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Katie Britt’s Reaction to Joe Biden’s State of the Union

Credits: 1819 News

In a recent opening sketch on “Saturday Night Live,” Scarlett Johansson portrayed a character named Britt, who auditions for the role of a “scary mom” by performing an original monologue titled “this country is hell.”

The sketch humorously referenced a recent speech by President Biden, with Johansson’s character dramatically criticizing Biden’s performance as a “permanent politician” while asserting that she herself is not performing.

The sketch also parodied a story told by Alabama lawmaker Mo Brooks during a recent political response, in which he discussed a woman’s harrowing experience in a sex trafficking operation.

Katie Britt (Credits: News Online)

Johansson’s character, playing the role of a mom, humorously pivoted to a shockingly violent story about sex trafficking, joking that every detail of her story is real except for the year, location, and president at the time.

The sketch further spoofed Biden’s speech, with cast member Ego Nwodim portraying CNN’s Abby Phillip, who humorously noted that Biden began his speech after a brief 45 minutes of taking selfies on the way to the podium.

Mikey Day, portraying Biden, then enthusiastically approached the podium, exclaiming that he had just consumed an energy drink and was ready to begin.

Katie Britt (Credits: ABC7)

Additionally, the sketch referenced a viral moment from Biden’s speech, where he reacted to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene by yelling and shaking his head in surprise. A fictional Greene, played by cast member Heidi Gardner, stood up to boo and yell “liar,” prompting the humorous reaction from the fictional Biden.

The “Saturday Night Live” sketch offered a comedic take on recent political events, using satire and humor to lampoon various aspects of Biden’s speech and the political landscape.

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