Neighbors Save New Jersey Couple Trapped in Massive House Fire: ‘We’re here, we’re here’

Neighbors rescue New Jersey couple trapped in major house fire: ‘We’re here, we’re here’

Two individuals narrowly escaped a devastating house fire in a New Jersey neighborhood, thanks to the swift and courageous actions of their neighbors, as announced by the West Deptford Police Department.

Describing the chaotic scene, Jim Miller recounted the harrowing moment when he witnessed the front of the house consumed by flames and immediately sprang into action, rushing across the street to assist, as reported by CBS Philadelphia.

The fire erupted shortly before 6 a.m. on Saturday, engulfing a residence in West Deptford Township.

Upon arrival, fire officials encountered a blazing inferno and were informed that the occupants, a married couple, had been rescued by their vigilant neighbors.

“We started banging on the basement windows, and we broke it out. All of a sudden, we heard a woman’s voice: ‘We’re here, we’re here.’ I’m going where, where are you?” recounted Miller to CBS Philadelphia.

Neighbors Save New Jersey Couple Trapped in Massive House Fire: 'We’re here, we’re here'
Neighbors Save New Jersey Couple Trapped in Massive House Fire: ‘We’re here, we’re here’ (Credits: Yahoo)

Miller was joined by another neighbor who courageously traversed through bushes to reach the back of the engulfed house.

Another neighbor, Tom Carey, awoke to the frantic barking of his dog, with his wife spotting the ominous glow from their window.

Without hesitation, Carey leaped into action, vaulting over a small fence, and urgently called out to his neighbors to evacuate while his wife, Rachel, rushed down the street to alert others.

“I went to the back door and just started banging on the door, banging on the windows, literally anything to make noise,” Carey recounted.

“They’re like family, like they’re so nice, and they welcomed us with open arms as soon as we moved in,” added Rachel Carey.

Acknowledging the valor of the neighbors, the West Deptford Fire Chief hailed them as true heroes, emphasizing that the outcome could have been dire without their intervention.

Firefighters battled the blaze for over an hour and a half before gaining control, with the house likely sustaining irreparable damage, according to investigators cited by CBS Philadelphia.

Expressing gratitude for the courageous response, Miller asserted, “That’s what neighbors do, that’s what we do. I’m just glad I was there, and I’d do it again.”

Emergency responders transported the rescued couple to a local hospital for treatment, with their current condition undisclosed as the investigation into the fire’s cause continues.

At the time of reporting, the Woodbury Fire Department and West Deptford Fire Chief were unavailable for comment to Fox News Digital.

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