Evangelical Group Faith & Freedom, Led by Ralph Reed, Plans to Invest $62 Million in Trump Get Out the Vote Effort

Credits: Fox News

The Faith & Freedom Coalition, a prominent evangelical advocacy group led by Ralph Reed, has announced plans to spend a substantial $62 million this election cycle to support Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

This significant investment aims to mobilize and register evangelical voters, a key demographic for Trump’s campaign. The group’s efforts will include a range of strategies, such as door-to-door canvassing, texting, and calling supporters.

This approach ensures evangelical voters are engaged and motivated to turn out on Election Day. The coalition’s investment represents a $10 million increase from its spending in the 2020 election cycle, highlighting the group’s commitment to supporting Trump’s reelection bid.

Ralph Reed (Credits: Politico)

Ralph Reed, a longtime Republican strategist and Trump ally, described the initiative as possibly the largest effort on the right outside of the Republican National Committee.

The coalition’s plan includes distributing 30 million pieces of literature in 125,000 churches, particularly focusing on battleground states. This extensive outreach is designed to reach a wide audience of evangelical voters and encourage them to support Trump’s reelection.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s investment in this election cycle underscores the importance of evangelical voters in American politics. Evangelicals have been a key voting bloc for the Republican Party, and their support is crucial for Trump’s reelection prospects.

Ralph Reed (Credits: PBS)

By mobilizing evangelical voters, the coalition aims to ensure that Trump has a strong base of support heading into the election. The group’s efforts also reflect the broader trend of increased political spending in recent years.

Political campaigns and advocacy groups are investing more heavily in voter outreach and mobilization, recognizing the importance of turnout in elections.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s $62 million investment demonstrates the significant resources being dedicated to mobilizing voters in support of Trump’s campaign.

The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s investment in supporting Trump’s reelection bid highlights the importance of evangelical voters in American politics. By mobilizing this key demographic, the coalition aims to ensure that Trump has the support he needs to win reelection in November.

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