Trump Suggests He Might Not Receive Elon Musk’s Support Due to Disagreement Over Electric Cars

Credits: SBS

Former President Donald Trump recently shared that he might not receive support from Elon Musk due to their differing views on electric cars.

This revelation came after a meeting between the two at Mar-a-Lago, where Trump expressed uncertainty about receiving either verbal or financial support from the billionaire.

While Trump acknowledged his past support for Musk during his presidency and expressed a friendly relationship with him, he highlighted their contrasting opinions on electric cars as a potential obstacle.

Donald Trump (Credits: Politico)

Trump has been vocal in his criticism of electric cars, often citing concerns about battery range, charging convenience, and performance in cold weather. Despite his criticisms, Trump clarified that he is not opposed to electric cars but believes in having a variety of alternative energy sources.

Musk’s potential support for Trump’s campaign was speculated upon following their meeting, with some suggesting that Musk could become a significant financial backer for Trump.

Donald Trump (Credits: Green Car Reports)

However, Musk’s recent financial challenges, including a hefty bond posting and a pending payment related to a fraud case, have raised questions about his ability to provide substantial financial support.

The interaction between Trump and Musk highlights the complex relationship between politics and business, where personal beliefs and financial considerations can influence decisions regarding support for political candidates.

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