Prominent European Leader Suggests ‘There Would Be No War Today’ if Trump Were President

Credits: South China Morning Post

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s recent comments praising former President Donald Trump as a “president of peace” and suggesting that there would be no war in Israel or Ukraine if Trump were still in office have stirred controversy and raised eyebrows.

Orban’s remarks, made in a video released on X, formerly Twitter, after he visits Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate in Florida, reflect the close relationship between the two leaders and Orban’s admiration for Trump’s leadership style.

In the video, Orban praised Trump for commanding respect in the world and creating conditions for peace, citing the peace agreements in the Middle East and the absence of war in Ukraine during Trump’s presidency as examples.

Trump (Credits: The Economist)

Orban’s characterization of Trump as a peacemaker contrasts sharply with many critics arguing that Trump’s foreign policy was often divisive and lacked strategic coherence.

Orban’s warm words for Trump come as the former president is on track to secure the Republican presidential nomination, raising speculation about a potential Trump comeback in the 2024 election.

During their meeting at Mar-a-Lago, Orban and Trump reportedly discussed potential U.S.-Hungary trade relations, suggesting a continuation of their close ties.

Trump (Credits: MarketWatch)

Orban’s close relationship with Trump dates back to Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 election, when Orban was the only European Union government leader to openly embrace Trump. Their relationship has continued to flourish, with Orban praising Trump’s leadership and expressing a desire for his return to power.

Orban’s praise for Trump reflects his admiration for Trump’s leadership style and foreign policy approach, as well as his desire for a closer relationship between the United States and Hungary. However, his comments have been met with skepticism and criticism from many who view Trump’s presidency more critically.

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