American Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder and Rape in Attack on Two American Women in Germany

Credits: Al Arabiya

An American man was convicted of murder, attempted murder, and rape with fatal consequences for brutally attacking two American women near Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle last summer, pushing them into a ravine. One of the victims, 21-year-old Eva Liu, died from her injuries, while her friend Kelsey Chang, 22, survived.

The attack occurred on June 14 near the Marienbruecke, a bridge offering a view of the castle, a popular tourist destination. The perpetrator met the women by chance on a hiking path, where he lured them off the trail.

American Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment (Credits: KXAN)

He allegedly first attacked Liu, forcing her to the ground and attempting to undress her. When Chang tried to intervene, the suspect pushed her down a steep slope, causing her to sustain injuries but survive.

The perpetrator then allegedly strangled Liu until she lost consciousness, raped her, and pushed her down the slope as well. Liu later succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. The suspect’s trial began on Feb. 19, during which he admitted to the charges.

American Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment (Credits: Fox 59)

The Kempten state court sentenced the 31-year-old perpetrator to life in prison, with the judge determining that he bears particularly severe guilt, meaning he is unlikely to be eligible for release after 15 years, as is typical in Germany. The defendant’s identity has not been disclosed in accordance with German privacy laws.