Trump Admits ‘I’m Not Conservative’ After Squawk Box Airs Clip of GOP Mega Donor Expressing Fear of Second Term

Credits: The Hill

During a CNBC Squawk Box appearance, former President Donald Trump admitted that he doesn’t consider himself a conservative, despite being often labeled as such.

This admission came after comments made by Home Depot CEO Ken Langone, who expressed concern about a potential second Trump term, fearing it would be focused on “getting even” rather than addressing serious issues.

Trump (Credits: CNN)

Trump responded to Langone’s comments by stating that he has never been a fan of him, and suggested that Langone may have supported him because he was the only viable option. Trump instead praised Bernie Marcus, the Home Depot founder, as someone he is a big fan of and who is a big fan of his.

Regarding the idea of seeking revenge, Trump stated that his focus is on success, not revenge, and that he intends to turn the country around and bring common sense back to governance.

Trump (Credits: WWLP)

He emphasized that while people may label him as conservative, he sees himself as a man of common sense, and believes that many conservative policies are rooted in common sense.

Trump also revealed that his priority issue for a potential 2024 presidential run is the current immigration crisis, suggesting that he sees addressing this issue as a key focus for his political agenda.

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