Police Service Deemed ‘Acceptable’ Despite US Crash Suspect Leaving UK

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Elizabeth Donowho, a 56-year-old nurse, has been left unable to walk after a horrific car crash, and she is now facing additional distress after learning that the suspect allegedly responsible for the collision was able to leave the country before facing court proceedings.

The accused, Isaac Calderon, managed to fly across the Atlantic despite being marked as a potential ‘flight risk’ by West Mercia Police, prompting Donowho to lodge a complaint against the force.

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The collision occurred on the A4103 in Herefordshire in July of the previous year and resulted in severe injuries for Donowho, including fractures in both ankles, sternum, and right hand.

Calderon was due to appear at Kidderminster Magistrates’ Court on December 1, but he left the UK on a commercial flight to Texas on November 25, before facing charges. This turn of events has left Donowho feeling deeply frustrated and let down by the justice system.

In response to Donowho’s complaint, West Mercia Police stated that they had provided her with an ‘acceptable’ level of service, citing that there was no indication Calderon would flee the country.

However, Donowho feels that this response adds insult to injury, as she continues to suffer from the physical and emotional aftermath of the crash.

She expressed disbelief that Calderon, despite being identified as a potential flight risk, was able to leave the UK without facing consequences for his actions.

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Donowho’s experience highlights the challenges faced by victims of crime, particularly when they feel that justice has not been served. The case also raises questions about the effectiveness of measures put in place to prevent suspects from fleeing the country before facing trial.

Donowho’s life has been irrevocably changed by the crash, and the fact that the person allegedly responsible has not faced justice only adds to her trauma.

Moving forward, Donowho hopes that authorities will take stronger measures to ensure that suspects cannot evade justice in this manner.

She believes that Calderon should be held accountable for his actions and that victims like herself should not have to endure further pain and suffering due to failures in the justice system.