Gov. Newsom Heavily Edits CNBC Transcript of Trump for Tweet, According to California Globe

Credits: Los Angeles Times

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently shared a heavily edited clip of former President Donald Trump on CNBC, suggesting that Trump had indicated he would slash Social Security and Medicare.

Newsom’s tweet aimed to highlight what he perceived as a damaging statement by Trump, implying that voters should remember it in November. However, a closer examination of the conversation between Trump and CNBC host Joe Kernen reveals a different story.

In the full conversation, Kernen acknowledged the unsustainable nature of how the U.S. handles Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, prompting Trump to discuss potential changes to entitlement programs.

Gov. Newsom (Credits: USA Today)

Trump emphasized the need to address waste and mismanagement in entitlement programs, expressing concern that weakening Social Security could result from the country’s overall weakness.

He also highlighted the economic challenges faced by the middle class and discussed his administration’s efforts to bolster the economy before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked about his regulatory agenda, Trump reiterated the importance of a pro-growth approach to address the country’s substantial debt. He emphasized the necessity of both economic growth and spending cuts to navigate the economic challenges facing the nation.

Gov. Newsom (Credits: The Hill)

Trump also criticized the imbalance in trade relations with foreign countries, particularly highlighting issues with China and the European Union.

Contrary to Newsom’s portrayal, the conversation between Trump and CNBC hosts focused on a range of economic and policy issues, with Trump advocating for a proactive approach to economic growth and addressing fiscal challenges.

The exchange reflected a substantive discussion rather than a simple endorsement of slashing entitlement programs. In contrast, Newsom’s tweet selectively edited Trump’s remarks to fit a particular narrative, omitting crucial context and misrepresenting the former president’s stance on entitlements.

This manipulation of information highlights a stark contrast between responsible discourse and political opportunism.

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