Donald Trump Faces Potential Lawsuit from E. Jean Carroll Again


Former President Donald Trump has once again attacked E. Jean Carroll, his rape accuser, just days after securing a $91.6 million bond to pay a jury award in the defamation case. Trump denied knowing Carroll and described her accusation as “false” and “crazy.”

In a call-in interview with CNBC, Trump expressed disbelief at the situation, stating, “I have no idea who she is, except one thing, I got sued.” He emphasized the financial burden he faced due to the lawsuit, highlighting the $91 million bond he had to post.

Donald Trump (Credits: Khaleej Times)

Trump’s denial comes after a jury found him liable for sexual abuse and awarded $5 million in damages to Carroll. Despite appealing the verdict, Trump has already put up $5.6 million.

Additionally, he is appealing another $83 million verdict that required him to post the larger bond, which he secured through insurance company Chubb.

Donald Trump (Credits: Yahoo Finance)

Despite these legal challenges, Trump has continued to deny Carroll’s allegations, both in court and in public. During a rally in Georgia, he criticized Carroll, calling her story “totally made-up” and emphasizing the financial strain he faced due to the lawsuit.

Trump’s ongoing legal battles and public statements regarding Carroll highlight the contentious nature of the case and the significant financial and reputational stakes involved.

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