E. Jean Carroll May Sue Trump Again Over Weekend Comments as Lawyers Approve Bond

Credits: Rolling Stone

Lawyers representing E. Jean Carroll in her defamation case against Donald Trump have agreed to Trump’s bond application, allowing him to proceed with his appeal. This comes despite Trump’s recent remarks at a rally where he once again denigrated Carroll and her accusations against him.

Trump, who had to post a $91.6 million bond to appeal the defamation ruling, reiterated his denial of Carroll’s allegations at the rally, calling her story “fake” and claiming he knew nothing about her.

E. Jean Carroll (Credits: The Seattle Timesb)

Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, stated that they are monitoring Trump’s statements and considering further legal action, as the statute of limitations for defamation allows for action within one to three years in most jurisdictions.

In response to Trump’s bond application, Carroll’s lawyers initially raised an objection regarding the timing of the payment, but this issue was resolved between the two sides. Trump’s legal team has not yet commented on these developments.

E. Jean Carroll and Trump (Credits: Mediaite)

In addition to the defamation case, Trump is facing another significant financial challenge, with a requirement to deposit over $454 million by the end of the month in a civil fraud case brought by the state Attorney General Tish James.

This deadline coincides with the start of his hush money trial in Manhattan, adding to the legal and financial pressures he currently faces.

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