Trump Requests Further Delay in Document Trial, Citing Judge Cannon’s ‘Slow Pace’

Donald Trump (Credits: New York Magazine)

Former President Donald Trump has requested a delay in the classified documents case against him, citing the need for more time to submit documents to the court.

Trump’s attorneys filed a four-page motion on Monday, explaining that they required additional time due to scheduling conflicts and the slow pace of the proceedings.

The motion stated that Trump’s legal team needed more time to prepare certain reply submissions in support of pending pretrial motions. It mentioned that they had to attend a hearing at the Fort Pierce courthouse on March 14, which consumed valuable preparation time.

Donald Trump (Credits: Bloomberg)

The attorneys highlighted the challenges of simultaneously managing Trump’s trial in New York and the current case, attributing the need for attention to both matters to discovery violations and strategic scheduling demands from the Special Counsel’s Office.

Despite the request for an extension, Trump’s attorneys emphasized that they had no intention of causing unnecessary delays and believed that granting the extension would not result in actual delays or prejudice to the Special Counsel’s Office.

Donald Trump (Credits: Politico)

They asked for an extension until March 24, 2024, specifically for filing reply submissions in support of pretrial motions unrelated to the Presidential Records Act and the Espionage Act.

It’s worth noting that the Special Counsel’s Office opposes this request, setting up a potential legal dispute over the timeline for the case’s proceedings.

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